About Us

Willow Ridge Farm is a family owned business established in 2013 by the Fitzgerald family. Located in beautiful Skagit County, Washington, we specialize in rare breed poultry and Kinder goat sales. All livestock are bred and raised on our property. We take a holistic approach to animal husbandry when possible.


Rare Breed Poultry

Willow Ridge Farm proudly offers a variety of rare breed poultry, including Marans, Ameraucanas, Crested Cream Legbars, Silkies, Cochins, Wyandottes, Polish and Olive Eggers. We are a small scale farming operation and focus on quality over quantity.

YES, we do ship eggs and chickens! We are a participant in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) program, #91-228. Our flocks have tested clean for P/T salmonella and avian influenza. We ship hatching eggs, chicks and juvenile birds to all states in the U.S.A., except for Hawaii.


Kinder Goats

Willow Ridge Farm has a herd of registered Kinder Goats. These smart and affectionate goats are known for high milk volume in a small package. They are a dual purpose breed that is raised for both milk and meat. Because of their size, they also make great family pets and 4H projects.

We are a registered breeder with the Kinder Goat Breeders Association (KGBA). We are currently keeping a wait list for 2019 Kinder goat kids. Please contact us for more information.