White American Bresse


Our White American Bresse Breeding Program

The White American Bresse (rhymes with "bless") originated 500 years ago in the province of Bresse in eastern France. Our original breeding trio came directly from Greenfire Farms, the only legal importer of Bresse from France. 

The White American Bresse is best known for being a dual purpose breed. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin described Bresse chickens as “the queen of chickens, and the chicken of kings.” Bresse have been said to possess “the tastiest, the firmest and most succulent flesh of any chicken anywhere.” Known for being the most delicious tasting chicken in the world, Bresse are also productive layers on large, cream colored eggs.

While there are several color varieties of Bresse, the white Bresse is the most well known. Displaying a vivid red comb, bright white body and slate blue legs, the White American Bresse chicken resembles the colors of the French flag.

Because they are a dual purpose breed, the White American Bresse is the ideal bird for any homestead or backyard enthusiast looking to raise their own gourmet meat and eggs.

White American Bresse Pricing List

  • Day old chicks: $18 each
  • Hatching eggs: $6 each; $35 per half dozen; $65 per dozen
  • Sexed pullets: Varies based on age and quality

*Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice.

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