Silkies, Sizzles & Showgirls


Our Silkie Breeding Program

This bantam breed originated in China and is known for its silkied feathers and docile personality. Our parent stock are bred to the Standard of Perfection and have black skin, beards, blue earlobes, walnut combs, fifth toes and feathered feet.

Silkie, sizzle and showgirl hens lay small to medium sized white eggs and make great broody mamas. Their small size and friendly demeanor make them an excellent choice for families and kids participating in 4H.

We have two separate silkie breeding flocks. The first is a show quality flock of blue, black and splash (BBS) bearded silkies. These birds are all directly from Bobbi Porto of Indigo Egg, one of the top breeders in the country. Chicks from this pen will all be bearded.

Our second silkie flock consists of all four silkie feather types: bearded silkies, frizzled silkies, and sizzles (frizzled and smooth/satin). We also have several showgirls (naked neck silkies) in this pen. Our showgirl breeding stock is also directly from Bobbi Porto. Chicks from this flock can hatch out with any of the four feather types and can be bearded, non-bearded or showgirls. Silkies in this flock are also blue, black and splash (BBS). We cannot accommodate requests for specific feather types as this is indistinguishable at hatch. However, when placing chick orders, you may specify silkie vs showgirl chicks.

The unique thing about these varieties is that you can breed Blue, Black and Splash birds together and hatch out purebred, pure color chicks.    

Blue x Blue = 50% Blue / 25% Black / 25% Splash 

Blue x Splash = 50% Blue / 50% Splash 

Blue x Black = 50% Blue / 50% Black

Splash x Black = 100% Blue 

Black x Black = 100% Black 

Splash x Splash = 100% Splash

Since our breeding stock is all blue, black and splash, we cannot accommodate all requests for specific colors. However, please make note of any preferences when you order.

Silkie Pricing List

We will be releasing eggs and chicks from the BBS Bearded Silkie flock in late spring 2019. We are NOT currently accepting pre-paid orders for this flock. We are, however, accepting orders from our Silkies/Sizzles/Showgirls flock.

  • BBS Silkies/Sizzles/Showgirls Flock
    • Day old chicks: $20 each (silkies & sizzles); Showgirls: TBD
    • Hatching eggs: $7 each; $40 per half dozen; $75 per dozen

  • BBS Bearded Silkie Flock (direct from Bobbi Porto)
    • Day old chicks: TBD
    • Hatching eggs: TBD


*Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice.

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