Rare Breed Poultry



This hardy French breed is known for being a dual purpose bird that lays chocolate colored eggs. Available in Black Copper, Blue Copper and Splash color varieties.

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Known for their true blue eggs, our Ameraucanas have a calm disposition. Not to be confused with Easter Eggers, our birds are from purebred stock. Available in Blue, Black, Splash and Lavender color varieties.

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Crested Cream Legbars


These unique, crested birds are inquisitive and skilled foragers. They are sexable at hatch. All of our breeding stock lay sky blue eggs. Our breeding rooster is directly from Greenfire Farms.

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Silkies, Sizzles, Satins & Showgirls


Silkies are a bantam breed known for their docile personality, feathered feet, black skin and fifth toes. They lay small to medium size white eggs. Available in silkied, frizzle sizzle, smooth sizzle (satin) and showgirls (naked neck silkies).

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Olive Eggers


This hybrid breed is known for being a reliable layer that (usually) lays olive eggs. Chicks from this flock will be F2-F6 Olive Eggers and come in a variety of colors.

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Large Fowl Cochins


These gentle giants are known for their large size and feathered shanks and feet. They lay a medium size, light brown egg. Available in Blue, Black and Splash (BBS) color varieties. All of our breeding stock are directly from master exhibitor Ciera Walters.

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Blue Laced Red Wyandottes


These beautifully laced birds are a production layer in a pretty package.

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Candy Corn Polish


These unique, crested birds display gold, black and white barred plumage. 

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White American Bresse


Known as the most delicious tasting chickens in the world, this breed is also a productive layer of large, cream colored eggs.  Our breeding stock is directly from Greenfire Farms.

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Poultry FAQ


Terms and Conditions

Terms of service and frequently asked questions about Willow Ridge Farm's rare poultry breeding programs. 

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