We are currently sold out of hatching eggs for the 2019 season.

Poultry FAQ


Why purchase hatching eggs from Willow Ridge Farm?

So why purchase from us when you can buy chicks elsewhere for less money? As a small scale farming operation, we focus on quality vs quantity. Our birds are bred toward the Standard of Perfection. We offer many rare breeds and colors that you will not find at the feed stores.

We use natural methods of animal husbandry when possible. Our birds are healthy, hardy and well loved! As a result, our prices reflect this difference in quality. Thank you for supporting a small family farm.

Do you ship to other states?

YES! Shipping rates for hatching eggs mailed via USPS Priority is a flat $25 per dozen. Hatching eggs are double boxed, fully insured for damage and packed in foam egg shippers.

We are participants in the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP).Our flocks are P/T salmonella and avian influenza clean.

Hatching Egg Policy

Although we confirm fertility here at the farm, due to a multitude of factors outside of our control (e.g. USPS handling, your incubation methods, etc), we are unable to guarantee hatch rates for rare breed poultry hatching eggs. We can, however, guarantee that you will receive fresh, clean eggs that are ready for incubation. We do NOT offer replacements on hatching eggs based on development and hatch rates. No exceptions.

If eggs arrive damaged, please send detailed photos of the damage within 24 hours. We will replace eggs once we receive the USPS refund.

When incubating shipping eggs, we recommend that you allow hatching eggs to rest, pointy end down, for 24 to 48 hours prior to incubation. Happy hatching!