Poultry FAQ and Terms of Service


Why purchase from Willow Ridge Farm?

So why purchase from us when you can buy chicks elsewhere for less money? As a small scale farming operation, we focus on quality vs. quantity. Our birds are bred toward the Standard of Perfection. We offer many rare breeds and colors that you will not find at the feed stores.

All of our chickens are organically fed and we use natural methods of animal husbandry when possible. Our birds are healthy, hardy and well loved! As a result, our prices reflect this difference in quality. Thank you for supporting a family owned farm!

Do you ship hatching eggs and chickens?

YES! We are National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified and ship to all states except Hawaii. Our flocks are also P/T salmonella and avian influenza clean.

Shipping for hatching eggs is a flat $25 fee for all states. Additional insurance may also be purchased.

Shipping charges for day old chicks and juvenile birds vary by location and are not included in pricing. There is an additional $25 box fee that includes materials for the journey. There is a six chick minimum to ship to ensure that chicks are warm enough. We try to send extras when available and have a live chick delivery guarantee (so long as chicks are picked up from the post office within one hour of delivery).

Hatching Egg Policy

Although we confirm fertility here at the farm, due to a multitude of factors outside of our control, we are unable to guarantee hatch rates for rare poultry hatching eggs. We can, however, guarantee that you will be sent fresh, clean eggs that are ready for incubation. 

We do NOT offer replacements on hatching eggs. If shipped eggs arrive broken or damaged, it is the buyer's responsibility to file a claim with USPS. Each shipped order includes up to $50 insurance, but additional insurance may be purchased.

When incubating shipped eggs, we recommend that you allow hatching eggs to rest, pointy end down, for 24 hours prior to incubation. Happy hatching!

Do you have a wait list for chickens?

We do not keep a wait list, but we do accept pre-paid orders for hatching eggs and chicks. Orders are filled as they are received. While we do offer a limited number of sexed, juvenile pullets, they are available on a first come, first served basis. If for some reason we are unable to fill your order, your payment will be refunded.

We also notify customers of hatch dates and older birds for sale via our subscription mailing list and on our Facebook farm page. You may place an order by phone, email or via our "Contact Us" website form.

Phone: (360) 325-5101
Email: willowridgefarmwa@gmail.com

Do you offer sexed day old pullets?

All of our chicks are sold as straight run (unsexed), except for the Crested Cream Legbars, which are sexable at hatch. We do, however, offer a limited quantity of sexed juvenile pullets on a first come, first served basis. Juveniles pullets, when available, are usually listed in summer and fall.

Do you guarantee egg color of your birds?

No. Because there are at least fourteen genes that control egg color in chickens, anomalies do occur. 

Within our Marans breeding programs, we only incubate the darkest eggs available to increase the odds of offspring that will lay dark eggs. Marans eggs also can take 20+ eggs to get to their final color. 

Within our Crested Cream Legbar breeding program, all of our hens lay blue eggs, but it is possible that offpsring may lay blue or green eggs.

Furthermore, because Olive Eggers are a hybrid breed, it is possible that chicks may lay olive or chocolate colored eggs, especially within subsequent F2, F3, etc generation chicks.

Please let us know if you have specific questions regarding egg color.