Olive Eggers


Our Olive Egger Breeding Program

An “Olive Egger” is a hybrid breed of chicken that (generally) lays olive colored eggs. There are a multitude of breed crosses that can be used to achieve this, but generally you cross a dark egg layer with a blue egg layer. Olive Eggers are unique as every bird will look different.


Our current Olive Egger flock consists of Blue Copper and Black Copper Marans roosters and a multitude of F1-F5 Olive Egger hens (first through fifth generation). Our Olive Egger hens are all blue, black and splash in color. 

Because Olive Eggers are a hybrid breed, they do not breed true. Olive Egger hens may lay green/olive or chocolate colored eggs, depending on which genes they inherit. Darker shades of olive are achieved by backcrossing first generation (F1) hens to a Marans rooster to produce second generation (F2) chicks. We only breed hens that are laying olive eggs. 


Because Olive Eggers are a “designer breed” so to speak, they are sure to be a unique and colorful addition to your flock. 

Olive Egger Pricing List

  • Day old chicks: $15 each
  • Hatching eggs: $6 each; $35 per half dozen: $70 per dozen

*Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change.

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