Our Marans Breeding Programs

Marans are a hardy breed that originated in France. The breed is pronounced "mah-rahn," after the town of Marans, France. "Marans" is pronounced with a silent "s" and is spelled as "Marans" even when using the singular form.

Known for their dark, chocolate colored eggs, they are also a dual purpose chicken that yields delicious meat. The dark color of the Marans egg is part of the bloom. Because of this, egg color varies with season, age and quality of the bird. We breed for egg color and Standard of Perfection guidelines. It can take up to 20 or more eggs from a new Marans layer to achieve its final color. Marans eggs start out darkest at the beginning of the laying season and lighten over time, returning to their original color after a molt or other period of rest. Our flock lays eggs that are a 6-8 on average according to the Marans color chart.

All of our Marans are bred toward the standard of perfection (SOP) and have copper hackles and feathered shanks.  We are members of The Marans Club and Kelly is currently the Washington State representative for the club. 

Marans Pricing List

  • Black Copper Marans
    • Day old chicks: $30 each
    • Hatching eggs: $10 each; $55 per half dozen; $100 per dozen
    • Sexed pullets: Varies based on age and quality

*Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice.

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