Large Fowl Cochins


Our LF Cochin Breeding Program

Cochins are a large fowl (LF) breed originating from China. They are known for their large size and feathered shanks and feet. Cochins lay a medium sized, light brown egg. These gentle giants are friendly, quiet and calm birds. Our LF Cochins are from a mixed blue, black and splash (BBS) breeding pen.  The unique thing about this color set is that you can breed these color varieties together and get pure colored chicks. Because of this, chicks you receive may be any of the three color varieties, with the majority of chicks being blue.

All of our breeding stock is directly from grand master exhibitor, Ciera Walters. Our Cochins are all breeder quality and/or show quality. We currently have a blue rooster over blue and black hens.

We are not currently accepting pre-paid orders for LF Cochins. We hope to release chicks by spring 2019.

LF Cochin Pricing List

  • Day Old Chicks: TBD
  • Hatching eggs: TBD

*Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice.