Kinder Goats


Origin of the Breed

The breed originated here in Washington State by crossing Nubians and Pygmy goats and is now nationally recognized. Kinders must be fifth generation or higher to be registered with the American Kinder Goat Association. Known for their high milk volume in a small package, Kinder goats are a dual purpose breed. Because of their size, they also make great family pets.

Kinder Goat Breeders Association

We are a registered breeder with the Kinder Goat Breeders Association (KGBA). Our registered herd name is Willow Ridge Kinders.

Our Herd

Willow Ridge Farm currently has thirteen Kinder goats. Our primary breeding bucks are Willamina Creek Kinders Goose and Dozy Goats Cowboy. We have eight pregnant does that are due to kid starting in March 2019. We do have an informal wait list for 2019 Kinder goat kids. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Willamina Creek Kinders Goose (buck)
  • Dozy Goats Cowboy (buck)
  • Wilsonville Cinnamon Girl (pregnant)
  • Wilsonville Oreo (pregnant)
  • Willow Ridge Kinders Lilly Pad (pregnant)
  • Willow Ridge Kinders Mary (pregnant)
  • Just One More Kinder Amelia Earhart (pregnant)
  • Sweet River Farms Dolce de Leche (pregnant)
  • Zederkamm T&E's Jasmine (pregnant)
  • My Three Kids C&H Galaxy (pregnant)
  • Willow Ridge Kinders April Showers (Junior Doeling)
  • Willow Ridge Kinders Stormy Night (Junior Doeling)
  • "Andy" (wether)

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